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Streamlining Your Process and Cutting the Excess Waste

Have you ever had a solution built precisely for your needs? Many companies have to make do with systems and applications built for a wide variety of purposes. Then, they must adapt their work processes to the capabilities of their technology. ZenGroup makes it possible to adapt technology to your processes.

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Custom software development adds a sense of freedom to your workplace. Countless organizations are hanging on to legacy systems or are tied down by the limitations of the technology they could find. Application development in Kansas City, MO, from ZenGroup opens up new opportunities for your company and sets your people free to perform their best work. We want to bring a positive, long-term change to your organization with our services.

Application development can take on multiple forms. Sometimes the program or application your business needs is already out there, but you couldn’t find it or adapt it to your process. ZenGroup has the knowledge and experience to find those existing programs and implement them in your workplace.

This service is about more than just fun apps that offer flashy features. We develop software solutions to ensure you get your work done better than ever before.

However, when those existing apps don’t meet your needs, we can take the reins to design and develop a custom solution for your company. One of the added bonuses of having us build your custom application is that you have direct access to the development team to address any issues in the process or in the future. With other applications, you depend on a third-party vendor who doesn’t have as much incentive as we do to perform at our best for your business.

Take advantage of our years of experience in IT solutions and customized software products. We bring a personal touch to technology solutions in Kansas City that enhance every customer experience.

Every organization is doing its best to find its competitive edge in the modern world. That can mean being forced to adopt new technologies and methods. Some platforms and applications that didn’t exist decades ago are now integral to keeping up with the pace of your market. There have been large-scale leaps forward in areas like social media, cloud computing, mobile solutions, and big data.

If you try to ignore them and keep doing things as before, you run the risk of falling behind your competitors. ZenGroup is here in Kansas City, MO, to make these new applications accessible for your users. One of the hurdles that comes with all these new technologies is finding a productive way to make them work together in one workspace.

Most modern organizations are pinned down by using multiple systems that were never designed to function as one larger network. The development team at ZenGroup goes in depth as we get to know the needs and goals of your business. We identify the systems you need to integrate and find the best path to get it done. That can mean finding an existing application that performs the tasks we need or creating one from scratch for your company.

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Take system collaboration and employee productivity to another level.

ZenGroup specializes in integrating systems to function together and work efficiently for your company.

Custom Software Development Company in Kansas City

When you first come to ZenGroup for the app development process, we can perform this as part of our managed services program or on a project basis. To save time and your budget, the first step is to always see if there’s an existing program that already meets the needs of your business. If such an application exists, we’re there to help your personnel integrate it into your workflow. If one does not exist, our team develops a personalized piece of software for your company. This tailored process comes with the bonus of being made specifically for your operations and your work environment.

We’re equipped to provide many options you won’t find anywhere else. ZenGroup has the tools to provide mobile solutions that still interact with your office systems. We can set up the software to run in multiple languages for your employees or customers. The majority of customers will save money on hardware acquisition costs because your application is developed with your IT infrastructure in mind. This element reduces the need for excess hardware.

Experience the Zen Difference for a Lasting Solution

At ZenGroup, we believe your business deserves more than common break/fix services. We don’t stop at just resolving your issues—we get to the root of the problem and make changes to ensure it does not keep happening. We’re offering lasting solutions because we’re always thinking about what is best for your business. We want to make technology part of your evolution as an organization. You can experience the Zen Difference with IT solutions designed around your needs and tailored to your goals.

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