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Find Peace of Mind in the Safety of Your Systems

Worried about the integrity of network protections? Take advantage of our security service program: ZenCare. It offers comprehensive coverage for your business.

ZenCare Is Our Answer to Network Security

There’s no silver bullet when it comes to cybersecurity. Too many threats come from too many directions. Dependable IT security is only achievable through a layered suite of security protocols that all compensate for each other and create a network of protection around your systems. This layered suite of protocols is what we call ZenCare. The ZenCare program protects your systems from hackers and malicious software. It seals the holes in your IT infrastructure. And it ensures your employees and policies are doing their best to keep your organization secure from data loss or intrusion.

With ZenGroup at your side, you can feel confident in the readiness of your IT security. 

Cyberattacks are finding new ways to invade networks every day. We put the latest precautions in place to protect your operating systems from ransomware, viruses, and malware. Our team has the diverse background and technical experience to provide incident response in case your protocols are ever breached. We make sure your computer security systems are in a constant state of readiness to respond to threats like this.  

Do You Need Multi-Factor Authentication?

Depending on the data you deal with every day, your business might need a higher level of security than others. You might need services like encryption or multi-factor authentication. This type of authentication prevents unauthorized access by putting multiple barriers between an intruder and your data. Every layer of authentication requires different information for access. These kinds of precautions make the hill that much harder to climb for anyone trying to intrude on your systems. Having all these layers also gives our network monitoring services more chances to catch them in the process and take actions to remove them.

Are You Looking for Mobile Device Management?

Want to implement a bring your own device (BYOD) program in your business? We can make sure your smartphones, tablets, and laptops are secure for company use. ZenCare offers mobility security to keep your data and files safe no matter what device your employees are using. We can help you expand your mobility with protocols that ensure everyone stays within the safe walls of your IT security precautions at the same time. We’ll keep an eye out with remote monitoring to watch for any breaches in company IT policies and protocols.

Don’t wait any longer to strengthen your security posture.

Reach out to ZenGroup today to find out all the ways we can protect your organization.

Cybersecurity Risk Management Requires Planning Ahead

Thanks to the internet, we’ve been given so many tools that have changed the way we work for the better. Unfortunately, the internet also allows for almost anyone to attempt to breach your defenses. That is why we need to protect the points of access for your network with the most reliable defenses. Firewalls are a word that most people know by now, but not everyone understands what they do or how to manage them. ZenGroup knows that firewalls are your first line of defense, and we create a frontline that defends your data without getting in the way of your workflow.

We want to grow your versatility and increase your mobility as a business, but we also want to keep out those potential threats.

Most modern workplaces have some form of Wi-Fi in place. We design, build, install, and maintain a Wi-Fi network that offers all the elements you need and offers the highest level of security at the same time.


Not all intrusions or IT issues require physical intervention on our part. We can set up remote monitoring services that keep an eye on your systems 24/7/365. They will always be running in the background to be on guard for any IT issues that might drag down performance or cause you downtime. Many of the problems these services spot can even be solved remotely without us ever having to come to your office.

Data Backup Is Part of Your System’s Defenses

We take every precaution to build the most effective data protection for your network, but cyberattacks can be unpredictable. To get ahead of the threats we can’t see coming, we design and implement dependable IT solutions for data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity. All of these services are shaped by the details and needs of your workplace. The data centers and cloud security offered by offsite backups can be perfect for some, but not for others. You can trust that ZenGroup will tailor your strategy to fit your unique situation. 

Stop worrying about the integrity of your data. Find confidence in your security protocols with ZenCare’s suite of services.

A large portion of businesses without recovery or continuity planning will never bounce back when disasters or breaches strike. In the event of data loss or a breach, your disaster recovery plan will allow you to restore the information you’ve lost without missing a beat. Our team will build and test a strategy that will have defined recovery time objectives based on the downtime tolerance of your business. We’ll get you back to work and eliminate the threat before it causes any more disruptions. To learn more about IT security services, contact ZenGroup today.

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