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You can hire us as your monthly service provider, as a support team for your internal IT department, or for a specific project. Either way, the ZenGroup will bring the same level of dedication and expertise to your services. 

Bringing a Personal Approach to Premier IT Solutions

Some premium-level IT companies have an established approach and technology they force your business to accept for their own interests. Other IT service providers might want to offer custom services, but don’t have the expertise they need to deliver on their promises.

ZenGroup combines the best of both worlds by providing custom solutions backed by years of first-rate experience. 

All of this is thanks to our team and the foundation of our business. We focused on building a small team of highly qualified engineers to do what the competition could not: take the complex world of IT solutions and turn it into a library of services that make sense for the customer. When we recommend a product or service for your business, you can trust in two things: The recommendation is backed by our years of experience, and we won’t select it unless we know it will make a positive change in your workplace.

Our Leadership Team

Our company is dedicated from the top down to delivering a first-rate IT service experience. 

ZenGroup was founded nearly a decade ago by two former IT vice presidents. They each already had years of experience in managing computer and technology services for everything from small- and medium-sized businesses to larger enterprises. Their background led our team to build our services around two main causes: 

  • Providing solutions from highly skilled technicians who are there for your business when you need them, and 
  • Going above and beyond simple break/fix practices to root out the cause of your issues and prevent them from occurring again.  
Dominik Paille

Dominik Paille
Managing Partner
Kansas City, KS

Seth Copeland

Seth Copeland
Managing Partner
Philadelphia, PA

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