At ZenGroup,
We Take a Proactive Approach to Your IT Solutions

We Focus on Solutions That Support Your Business for Today and Tomorrow

We understand that few things are more frustrating than technology that doesn’t meet your needs. Reach out to ZenGroup today for a free assessment and solutions built for your particular problems.

What We Do

We are equipped to provide a range of IT services for companies of all sizes.

About Us

Our Philosophy

ZenGroup is your full-service managed service provider. We structure all of our services around what’s best for you and your business. Our team will take the time to learn everything we can about your operations and your users. We collect that knowledge and craft unique IT solutions that plan for the future. We’ll take your needs and place them at the foundation of everything we do. Our recommendations are technology-agnostic when it comes to brand names. All of our technology recommendations are driven by what works best for your business. Contact ZenGroup today to learn more about our first-rate services and how we can keep your organization on the cutting edge.

Our Promise To You

We firmly believe our success is directly linked to your satisfaction. Whether you choose our managed services or just partner with us for a project, you can count on ZenGroup to help you focus on your goals by taking the IT concerns off your plate. Our services lower your operating expenses and reduce your business risks by:

  • Valuing Your Time: We won’t leave you waiting during endless hold times or force you to climb through layered call trees. When you call for service or support, you will be immediately connected to one of our qualified technical consultants, who will be ready to provide your solution.  
  • Delivering Custom Solutions: You’ll never get a one-size-fits-all solution from ZenGroup. We get to know your daily operations, your budgetary limitations, and your future goals. From there, our team develops solutions that fit your needs. 
  • Thinking for the Long Term: When you partner with ZenGroup, you can rely on us to go above and beyond just resolving your issues. We put thought into all of our solutions to ensure they work for today and lay the groundwork for your success tomorrow.

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