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We Believe Your Business Deserves IT solutions That are Cost-Effective and Last for the Long-Term

Don’t let unreliable tech stand in the way of growing your business. Let ZenGroup align your technology with your business goals.  

At ZenGroup, We Provide IT Solutions Engineered for Today and Tomorrow

One of the most difficult things to achieve in any business is an IT environment that delivers everything you need. We’ve seen how challenging it can be firsthand. Our founders are both former IT vice presidents who managed IT services for everything from small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises. They took the corporate strategies they developed there and applied them to the IT services we offer our customers. 

A lot of companies are out there offering to fix your IT services these days, but ZenGroup provides more than just technology that works. The element that makes ZenGroup different from other managed service providers is how we created an organization grounded in these two principles:

  1. Every business deserves highly skilled technical consultants who make their technology work for them.
  2. First-rate technology services go beyond fixing what is broken to prevent it from happening again. 

Those two factors have influenced every product and service we offer. From our offices in Kansas City, KS, and Philadelphia, PA, we provide high-level, scalable IT services and solutions. We believe your IT solutions should last for the long term and our services should be customized to the needs of your business. The value this approach delivers is what we call “The Zen Difference.”        

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The Zen Difference

When you take advantage of our managed IT service plan, you are gaining access to comprehensive business and IT strategies built on our years of experience and the particular needs of your company. We bring your technology into alignment with your daily operations and goals for the future.

You will have an edge over your competition with the latest in security protocols, software and hardware, applications, and mobile device management. You can call our 24/7 support line, and you’ll be connected directly to one of our high-level consultants. We have a smaller support staff who are all trained on diverse specialties to address all the computer issues you might be facing.

When it comes to our IT strategy, we don’t believe in temporary fixes.

Our team keeps digging until we know what caused the problem and how to prevent it from happening again. You can request a free Zen technology assessment today to find out how we can help support your systems. We can become your IT department or support your internal IT team with our services. Whether you need monthly managed services or just help with a specialized project, ZenGroup is committed to providing the highest-quality IT services and being there to help your business build a firm path to greater success. 

Don’t settle for anything less than the best.

ZenGroup provides expert resources and the right technology solutions for your business.

IT Strategies Should Be Centered Around the Customer

Unlike many other IT companies, we are technology-agnostic when it comes to the brands we recommend. Other MSPs approach your problems with a solution already in mind and try to force a square peg into a round hole. We start with you and your needs. From there, we build a strategic plan around what serves your organization the best and the technology that will suit your situation.  

At ZenGroup, we built a small support staff trained in addressing a broad range of techniques and issues from the first phone call. We’ve seen proof that this model provides quicker resolution times and increased satisfaction for customers.

Even the way we manage our human resources was developed with your needs in mind. Traditional IT support lines resemble a tree that sends customers along its branches until they finally find the expert who is qualified enough to help them with their specific problem.


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Take a closer look at the leadership who founded ZenGroup Technology Solutions and continue to influence the services we provide every day.

Dominik Paille

Dominik Paille
Managing Partner
Kansas City, KS

Seth Copeland

Seth Copeland
Managing Partner
Philadelphia, PA


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