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Get a Strategic IT Roadmap for the Future of Your Company

Is your technology holding you back? ZenGroup Technology Solutions will build an IT strategy that makes your tech work for you.

A vCIO Is a Powerful Resource for Your Business

A conventional CIO would be a full-time employee you hire to bring your technology solutions into alignment with your business goals. They would build long-term strategies for your budget, performance expectations, and the upgrades you need along the way. This position is dedicated to getting the most from your technical resources. The virtual IT consulting services from ZenGroup provide even more than that, and you won’t have to pay the salary or benefits for a full-time employee. 

You can have an entire team of experienced experts at your disposal offering vCIO services. Being your virtual chief information officer goes beyond just project planning. We objectively assess the current state of your information technology versus your business processes and find solutions that bring it all into alignment. 

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Your business does not have to be a member of our managed service plan to take advantage of our IT consulting services, but there are benefits to doing both. Once we step into your vCIO role, it does make things simpler if we are in charge of services such as your disaster recovery and IT security. We already know the ins and outs of your network and can hit the ground running. Partnering with our monthly managed IT contract also means we will be there in the future to respond to any disruptions or errors in your operations

Get a virtual CIO with years of industry experience.

ZenGroup can assess your current technology environment and help you build a brighter future.

Our IT Compliance Lowers Your Risk of Intrusion and Protects Your Budget

The rules and regulations that govern technology can change rapidly, and it can be difficult to keep up with while you are also running a business. Staying compliant with these standards helps you avoid consequences like data breaches or loss. Depending on your industry, you could face fines or penalties for letting your IT security slip below the set standard. The qualified engineers at ZenGroup have in-depth knowledge of all the latest regulations, and we continually educate ourselves on any changes.

Make sure your business stays in compliance with all the appropriate regulations. We’ll keep you safe from online threats and the penalties of noncompliance.

We make sure your employees and systems are compliant with all the necessary rules. Once we’ve achieved compliance together, our team develops new policy documentation for your users. These easy-to-understand documents and training sessions keep your employees informed on the latest practices. We don’t stop there, though. After everything else is in place, we put active monitoring systems in place to ensure your IT infrastructure never falls behind again.

Discover IT Consulting From Experienced Technology Advisors

Nearly every business or organization in the world today relies on technology in some way, but many of them do so without any IT strategic plans in place. Operating without a technology roadmap sets you up for trouble from the start. The world of technology has become a diverse landscape of software, hardware, and cutting-edge tools. A perfect solution could be out there just waiting for your business to find, but without the right help, you might never see it. At ZenGroup, we believe your business deserves more than technology that works, you deserve technology that works for you. 

Our IT consulting services are available to you even if your business is not a member of our managed service plan. You can take advantage of our special project management. If you have a project you need executed and it falls outside the expertise of your internal IT department, we can be there to fill in the gap. We’ll assess your readiness, your goals, and be there to help your systems across the finish line. 

With ZenGroup, you can feel confident your project will be completed on time and on budget. Example projects include:

  • Cloud Migration
  • Hardware Installation
  • Network Upgrades
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • New Office Builds
  • Server and Workstation Upgrades
  • Application Integration
  • New System Integration
  • New Software Deployment
  • Wireless Network Deployment

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