Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

Avoid Downtime and Stay Prepared for the Worst With a Recovery Strategy

Professional disaster recovery is more than just a data backup solution. It’s a strategic response to multiple potential threats

Data Recovery Services Protect the Productivity of Your Business

Disaster recovery and business continuity are all about the future of your organization. These days, everyone understands the importance of backing up your most critical data and keeping your information safe. External hard drives and flash drives might be enough for your files at home, but your business deserves a higher level of preparedness. With ZenGroup, you will have backup software and recovery processes in place to react to any number of scenarios. 

Disaster recovery implies natural disasters, but you could lose data in many ways without professional safeguards. An employee could delete the wrong file by mistake, your hardware could experience a failure, malicious software could invade your network, and then there are actual natural disasters. No one can plan for every possibility, but that’s why we build recovery strategies with versatility. Our team uses their experience in risk management to identify the most likely threats to your systems and create recovery plans that take those into account. These factors will determine what kinds of backup strategies we recommend. We can help you secure your data locally or in data centers as part of a cloud backup strategy.


When it comes to your recovery plan, we do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions.

The technicians at ZenGroup create a unique disaster recovery strategy based on the details of your work environment such as internet bandwidth, your typical workflow, and the demands of your operations. We will take the time to test your recovery plan to ensure that it is active and operational when an actual incident occurs, but we won’t stop there. Our team will make sure that your systems can restore the data in the recovery time objective that we set together with your business.      

Get dependable recovery times for your business.

The speed of your data recovery is just as essential as backing it up in the first place.

Your Business Deserves Corporate Data Backup With Rapid Recovery Times

One thing all businesses have in common, no matter their size, is that dependable IT services can be a difficult hurdle to overcome. At ZenGroup, we make it possible for small businesses to have the same level of technical support that larger organizations can afford. The founders of our company are two former IT vice presidents, and they managed everything from small startups to large enterprises. One of the elements of data backup people tend to forget is the actual data recovery process. After a disaster scenario, all your files could be safe and sound somewhere, but if you can’t access them quickly, you’re still in trouble

You don’t want to have any uncertainty after you’ve lost your data and you’re struggling to restore your operations. When you partner with ZenGroup, we plan ahead by setting recovery time objectives and testing your disaster recovery plans to verify their response times. These are timetables for how quickly your data needs to be restored. Right after an accidental data loss is not the first time to test your recovery plans. We’ll perform this testing to make sure the backup software is capturing your information and your recovery functions are rock-solid.

You deserve backup services and a recovery plan that fits into your schedule. Reach out to us today to learn more about how our team can create custom IT solutions for your business.

Depending on your industry and your clientele, you might have more demanding time objectives for recovering your data. Financial institutions such as banks need to have those numbers at their fingertips at all times. We’ll work with you to set the right goals and find the solution that fits them best. With us by your side, those unexpected disasters can become just bumps in the road for your workforce. We’ll have your recovered data back in your hands and let you get back to work.

Recovery Planning Is Part of Your Larger Business Continuity Strategy

Disaster recovery is all about helping you respond to immediate threats like natural disasters, data loss, or malicious software. A more long-term approach is business continuity planning. These strategies are all about helping you bounce back after an incident or disastrous scenario. Our recovery services get you up and running today, and our business continuity keeps you running for years to come. 

Your disaster recovery and business continuity plans must be flexible strategies that adapt as the needs of your business and the abilities of your technology change. 

At ZenGroup, we understand the need for continuing education. The world of technology is always growing and transforming; we must work every day to keep up and make sure we are using the most effective modern methods. We take the same approach to your continuity as a company. We periodically revisit your plans to ensure they still fit the needs of your organization and offer the same level of performance we promised from the beginning. 

Protect the future of your business today.

Contact ZenGroup about our disaster recovery planning and allow us to build a unique strategy for your business.

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