Cloud Migration

Migrating to the Cloud Doesn’t Have to Be a Stressful Process

Do you feel held back by the limitations of your hardware and office space? ZenGroup will set you free with new tools and techniques for your organization.

Have Your Cloud Assessment and Migration Managed by Qualified Hands

“The cloud,” or internet-based computing, is one of those technology terms that gets tossed around in many workplaces. Cloud technology offers all sorts of tools and techniques you won’t get anywhere else, but it’s also easy to mismanage. Plenty of offices and work environments have made the jump without professional guidance and ended up getting lost in the process. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Your business just needs some help from an experienced team of professionals.

Cloud technology can open new doors you never considered for your business. Let ZenGroup show you some of the opportunities you could be missing. 

The founders of ZenGroup were working in cloud-based technology before it was even called the cloud. Since then, our team has kept pace with the growth of technology. We’ve continued our education in the migration process and everything the cloud has to offer. You can call us today to schedule a free cloud migration assessment. We’ll show you the potential of this technology and how we manage the transition to make it seamless and swift with a migration plan.  

Increase the Mobility of Your Workflow

Once we’ve migrated your data and applications to the cloud, you’ll be able to access them from anywhere with an internet connection. Your employees will be equipped to work from almost anywhere. This availability could change the way you run your business. Need to have your employees visit clients in person? You can do that and still have secure access to your information. The tools and services offered by the cloud open up all-new ways for your organization to flex its muscles and grow in directions you never considered before.  

Use Database Cloud Migration to Reduce Costs

One of the most practical advantages of cloud technology is the money it can save for your business. Once we’ve completed your database migration, your business won’t be on the hook for equipment failure or costly repairs any longer. You will pay a set subscription-based fee for the cloud model we’ve designed and implemented for your company. Removing those hardware and repair costs from your budget lifts a significant amount of weight from your shoulders. It makes your budget more predictable and opens up the chance to use those funds elsewhere.

Reach out to ZenGroup today to learn more about cloud solutions.

We’ll talk to you about a cloud assessment and migration strategy for your business.

We’ll Find the Right Cloud Platform for Your Operations

Moving data to the cloud does not have to be like climbing a mountain. When you contact ZenGroup, we perform our free assessment and start designing a unique cloud migration strategy for your workplace. One of the challenges that come with cloud computing is figuring out what type is right for you. There are large enterprise public clouds, internal private clouds for just your business, and hybrid clouds that are a dynamic mix of the other two. We make our recommendations based on your needs in security, big data, and real-time interaction with your files.

Whether you have five employees or 500, our goal is always the same: to create a scalable and seamless system you can access from anywhere that offers all the applications you need. Luckily, the cloud is a flexible service that can be adapted to almost any workflow. It just takes expertise in moving very different workloads to the cloud. That’s why ZenGroup holds so much value for businesses looking to transition to a new platform. We have the experience and knowledge to find or create the cloud solution that fits your situation.  

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We’ll Maintain Your Cloud Environment Even if We Didn’t Set It Up

Just because you had your cloud set up by someone else doesn’t mean we can’t help you. We’ve helped many businesses that were unsatisfied with their cloud solutions find the right path again. Our team has extensive experience with platforms like Microsoft Office 365, hosted exchange, Google apps, and more. We do all the heavy lifting in your migration execution, including:

  • Securing the safety of your systems, so you get all the tools you need and still protect the integrity of your data. 
  • Creating a custom migration strategy that takes into account your IT infrastructure, applications, and daily workflow.
  • Determining the correct amount of cloud storage you need and leaving room for scalability.
  • Getting your business all the best tools and applications to make the most of your cloud resources.

Stop worrying about migrating to the cloud. Let ZenGroup design and manage your entire migration to your new platform.

Our team also provides ongoing support and training for your employees in getting the best performance from your cloud computing. We are your partner in all things IT, and we ensure migrating to the cloud raises all your other IT services to another level. To learn more about the advantages of the cloud and our migration practices, contact ZenGroup today.    

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