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Get All the Tools You Need to Succeed

Are you running a small to medium-sized business? You don’t have to settle for subpar managed IT services any longer with ZenGroup Technology Solutions. 

We Believe You Deserve Premier Managed IT Support Services

The IT support industry is swarming with service providers that promise to make sure your technology services are working. At ZenGroup, we think you deserve more than tech that just works; your business deserves technology that works for you. That means aligning your IT solutions with your long-term business goals and giving you the peace of mind to focus on running your business while we maintain your technology.    

The team at ZenGroup will get to know the details of your organization and use that information to shape the services we deliver. We’ll cater our strategic plans to your budget, daily operations, and long-term objectives.

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From our IT strategic consulting to our customer support, we’ve placed a premium on real person interaction and 24/7 availability. 

When you call our services for assistance, you won’t be tossed onto a call tree of staff members with varying levels of expertise for you to climb through. Instead, we’ve developed a smaller staff of highly trained tech experts who can handle most of the issues you might be facing. We won’t waste your time; if there’s a problem that exceeds even their expertise, then you are forwarded directly to a technician with the knowledge you need. 

Looking for exceptional IT services with cost-effective rates?

ZenGroup delivers a complete technology solution that fits the unique nature of your business.

Go beyond the break/fix model.

At ZenGroup, we resolve your issues and prevent them from recurring.  

Professional IT Strategy Is the Foundation of Your Future Success

The advantage you get by partnering with the ZenGroup is our in-depth knowledge and the way we put it to work for you. The team at ZenGroup has the expertise and skills to repair your systems when they falter, but a lot of providers can say that. The element that separates us from the pack and pushes our services to the world-class level is our ability to get ahead of those problems before they happen. 

Anyone can get on the cloud today; we’ll migrate your services to the cloud computing platform that offers the tools you need and fits your bandwidth. Most people can back up a file; our experts establish disaster recovery plans to prevent data loss and ensure your information is retrievable as quickly as possible. When you hire the professionals at ZenGroup, you are gaining access to a higher level of IT solutions

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