IT Audits

We Perform Audits to Target Your Risks and Identify New Opportunities

 ZenGroup has you covered. We can assess your readiness for a new project or examine the state of your current IT solutions.

Our IT Audits are Tailored to the Needs of Your Company

We work with you to create a plan for your assessment that fits your budget and satisfies the needs of your business. Our team of expert technicians can perform a comprehensive evaluation of your entire IT infrastructure, or we can target certain areas to evaluate their readiness. Our IT audits cover any or all of the following areas:

  • Data Protection
  • Network Security
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
  • Network Performance
  • Infrastructure Scalability
  • User Experience
  • Internal IT Processes
  • Vendor Contracts        

The audit process we offer is not designed to look for failures or people to blame. We provide information technology audits to search for room to improve and to make sure your business is ready for future projects. From the inside, it can be difficult to see where your problem areas are and what can be done to improve them. It’s often best to get an objective perspective on the state of your systems, hardware, and infrastructure. That’s why ZenGroup provides IT assessments for customers, whether you take advantage of our managed services or not. 

We even recommend our managed service customers perform third-party regular audits on our IT services to maintain transparency and objectivity. We are confident in our solutions and recognize the need for ongoing growth when it comes to the world of technology. Every system in your network is going to need to grow and change over time. If it never changes, you’re likely to fall behind the pace of modern technology.   

Stop worrying about the efficacy of your IT solutions.

Know for certain if your systems are operating effectively with an audit from ZenGroup

We Offer More Than Just Network Performance Tests

At ZenGroup, we do more than just audit your systems, identify weak points, and leave you to resolve them yourself. Our audit reports include everything from the opportunities we see for improvement to the solutions we offer to help your business reach these new goals. We are a solutions-oriented organization. The team at ZenGroup will always address an issue by how we can resolve it and prevent it from happening again.

If you’re experiencing recurring problems in your information processing or data transfer, one of our assessments is the perfect service for you to start a relationship with ZenGroup Technology Solutions. 

The audit process doesn’t have to be a negative thing, either. We aren’t just looking for errors; an assessment like this is an excellent first step in planning a new project. Before you launch a new migration or implement a new system in your workplace, the team at ZenGroup will make sure all your ducks are in a row. This forethought leads to fewer mistakes and a higher level of productivity down the road. Combine an audit with our IT strategy consulting and your business will be fully equipped for success.

A Disaster Recovery Audit Is Part of Planning for Your Future

Services like data protection audits or risk management assessments are all about examining the integrity of your data. There’s no shortage of threats to your information systems. Breakdowns can come from outside hazards such as viruses or malware, but they can also come from internal mistakes like employee errors or equipment failure. Our audits can target your disaster recovery planning to verify that your data integrity is rock-solid and flexible enough to respond to all kinds of dangers.

Disaster recovery and business continuity plans are about more than just recovering accidentally deleted files. They are focused on protecting the future of your company and being there to respond during an emergency. Your information security precautions, access controls, and recovery processes all work together to make sure your business is prepared to bounce back from everything that’s thrown your way. The importance of these systems is why we recommend regular audits and services from a qualified expert like ZenGroup.  

Target your problem areas and get answers to your questions.

ZenGroup’s services and IT strategy are here to create better solutions for your business.   

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