Commercial Data Cabling

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What is structured cabling? Voice and data cabling is the backbone of your IT infrastructure. Put it in the expert hands at ZenGroup Technology Solutions.

Allow Us to Design and Implement Your Commercial Data Cabling

The primary reason we offer voice and data cabling as a service is because we saw a need for professional-level cabling infrastructures at companies we assisted in the past. Our experience as a managed service provider has put us in a broad range of workplaces and given us the chance to see how many different businesses operate. In the past, we saw equipment rooms and telecommunications cabling that did not serve the needs of their organizations. This lack of high-quality cabling systems inspired us to create our own practices for it.

Charting the positioning for network cabling and access points is a vital part of your IT infrastructure, and they make a significant impact on the performance of your systems.


When you hire ZenGroup, we come at the project from a purely IT perspective. We deliver cabling design and installation tailored to the requirements of your business. Our team is not there just to run the cables, hook everything up, and call it a day. We bring the same level of personal attention and high-quality service we do with all of our services. The needs of work areas and telecommunications rooms are unique at every workplace, and your data cabling needs to be unique as well.

Your business deserves the cabling specialists on our team.

Let the experts at ZenGroup design and install the cabling that will support your success.

Dependable Structured Voice and Data Cabling With Flexible Design

If voice and data cabling are the first services you hire us for, we begin by getting to know the demands and details of your work environment. We chart a course for the cables that offer all the access you need and still look aesthetically pleasing to the eye for anyone in your office. From there, our engineers build out your data closet and server racks to offer the best structure and placement for the productivity of your team.

Don’t settle for cabling that doesn’t support the functions of your workplace. Get first-rate design and installation from an experienced team that cares about your performance. Without proper planning, you are more likely to experience connectivity issues. When issues like this arise, it is typically the cabling and infrastructure that’s letting you down and not the data network. At ZenGroup, we hold our structured cabling installation to the highest data cabling standards. These structured cabling standards are vital when it comes to voice services like business phone systems and other forms of communication.

Get your data cabling and managed services maintained by a single point of contact. ZenGroup is here to offer everything your business needs for your IT environment.

Even if you mainly depend on a Wi-Fi network, data cabling still plays a major role in the capability of your network. We map out the access points and best hot spots for your workflow. When it comes to your network, you just want it to work consistently and offer the performance you need to complete your tasks. You don’t want cords and cables lazily hanging from the ceiling or making the office look unprofessional. The team at ZenGroup sets up the ideal IT environment for your daily operations. You can have an infrastructure that offers all the support you need and doesn’t distract from running your business.

Expert Data Cabling Raises the Quality of Your Other IT Services

As we said before, cabling is part of the backbone of your infrastructure. The organization and arrangement of your data closet directly impacts the performance of nearly every other IT service you have in your office. That is another advantage of the managed service plans you can have with ZenGroup. We can approach your network, cabling, voice communication, and desktop services from a holistic perspective. Our team ensures every system works together to create a network that supports your success.

Transform the way your business operates.

We come with a perspective that takes your entire IT infrastructure into account.

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