Google Cloud Migration Services

Put the Power of Google to Work for Your Business

Are you looking for a powerful cloud solution, but intimidated by the hurdles of the migration process? Let ZenGroup plan and execute your transition to the Google cloud platform.

We Can Execute Your Google Migration Service on Your Terms

We believe it’s crucial to note from the start that, while Google is an obviously substantial part of the tech world, our first priority is you and your business. We’ve performed migrations for a wide array of companies to a broad range of industry-leading solutions. The most important factors for us are the needs of your business and which platform will meet them best. We are an official Google cloud migration partner, thanks to our expertise, but our loyalty belongs to the customer. When we make a recommendation, it’s based on what our experience tells us is the best service for your organization.

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Our goal in managing your migration is to create a system that runs smoothly, offers the tools you need, and is scalable for the future of your business. For some businesses, Google is an answer that checks all those boxes.

To find out if it fits your needs, you can hire ZenGroup today to develop and manage your entire migration journey. 

Google Apps Data Migration Services

In any business, there are so many moving parts that database migrations can be tricky to pull off without expert guidance. At ZenGroup, we have years of experience in getting to know a company, crafting a custom data migration service, and executing it so it doesn’t disrupt your organization’s productivity. We are your turnkey service provider when it comes to cloud migrations. For the Google cloud, we migrate email solutions and big data storage while opening up possibilities with new tools for mobility and collaboration. 

Take advantage of Google’s global reach.

We can help you make the most of one of the most powerful companies in the world.

Google Offers Future-Proof Cloud Services

The cloud services Google offers are constantly advancing and extending their reach. Once we’ve managed your migration, your business can receive automated cloud software updates that keep your business on the cutting edge of modern technology. Google also offers one of the largest networks of data centers in the world. Cloud-based technology is already reliable, but with Google as your third-party provider, you can feel confident in the security and dependability of your cloud solutions. 

Get the power of a global enterprise managed by a local IT partner. Talk to ZenGroup today to see if Google cloud services are right for your business.

The other good news is that, as your Google cloud migration partner, ZenGroup can manage all those systems on your behalf. By moving to Google, or most other cloud platforms, for that matter, you can erase many IT concerns from your list of worries and get back to running your business. Because, at the end of the day, all the tools, technology, and services we offer are about helping your company grow and become more successful. Even if Google isn’t right for you, ZenGroup will find the cloud solution that does fit your needs.  

We Are Your Google Cloud Migration Partners for the Long-Term

Technology is always going to be advancing in new directions and offering new opportunities. Being a managed service provider requires finding the balance between supplying technology that is time-tested and keeping customers on the cutting edge of modern IT solutions. When we chart services such as migrations to new platforms, we always account for what could happen in the future. That is why we recommend cloud-based services with features like automatic software updates and scalability for your storage needs. 

With ZenGroup, you can trust that your technology will serve you well for today and tomorrow. And if a better solution comes along down the line, we will be there to design and execute your transition again. We have a passion for technology, and our team is committed to always finding the best services for our customers. 

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We will show you how quickly we can manage your migration and everything the cloud has to offer. 

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