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Executing the Migration Process is all About Knowing What Works Best for Your Business

Worried about downtime during a migration? The team at ZenGroup will build an Office 365 roadmap that limits your downtime as much as possible and sets you up to hit the ground running.

Are Office 365 Business Plans Right for Your Company?

At ZenGroup, we are loyal to the needs of customers over everything else. We have become experts in many different brands and their advantages, but we only recommend services we believe will benefit your business. All that being said, there’s no denying Microsoft’s Office 365 suite of applications and products is an industry leader in business tools. Our primary goal as a managed service provider is to use your technology to set your company up for greater success. For many of you, that means migrating your operations to an Office 365 plan.

The migration of services like email and other desktop applications is a natural part of running a growing business. Technology is going to continue to evolve and change as time goes by. Email migrations and upgrades keep your business on pace with the modern era and ensure you don’t fall behind. With ZenGroup at your side, we do more than make sure you don’t fall behind. We give you the competitive edge that comes with staying on the forefront of the latest techniques and technology.

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Once you’ve partnered with us, a move to Office 365 is a stepping stone to a more advanced future for your organization. Everything we do for you is targeted at making your operations more productive and equipping your employees with tools that make their jobs simpler to perform. If we recommend Office 365 migration services, you can trust it’s in your best interest, and we have a plan in place to get you there seamlessly.

Find out if Office 365 is right for your business.

We can assess your situation and tell you which applications will change your business for the better.

Microsoft’s Suite of Office Applications Hold a Lot of Value

Microsoft’s Office 365 is a subscription-based service designed to offer businesses everything they need in the modern workplace. Having this service allows you to have access to their full line of office programs and cloud-based software. One of the most significant advantages of the Office 365 cloud services is that it includes automatic software updates at no additional charge. As new versions of software become available, you won’t have to pay the upfront costs for the new licenses; your systems will update automatically. This process saves time and money for your business.

Partner with a team that values your time and budget. The staff at ZenGroup will always recommend that won’t waste your time.

In the past, software updates and moving to new versions caused all kinds of delays and disruptions in your workday. With ZenGroup at your side, that’s no longer a concern. We can set your updates to occur during off-hours or behind the scenes of your daily operations. ZenGroup puts strategic planning like this into every practice we recommend for your business. It’s not enough just to give you the tools—we also believe you deserve the procedures to get the most out of them.

Email Solutions That Fit Your Unique Situation

Something that holds many people back from migrating to a new service is the fear of losing their established services such as email, shared calendars, and other applications that rely on email solutions. Before any migration of services, the staff at ZenGroup gets to know all the solutions you depend on that are part of your typical workflow. We find or create ways to transition all of them to your new Office 365 platform. We don’t want anything to slow you down that doesn’t have to, and migration is all about improving your services, not disrupting them.

Optimized Collaboration Tools for Your Employees

Have you ever experienced a loss in productivity simply because of a miscommunication or missed message between employees? Office 365 delivers a broad range of new collaboration tools designed to make employee communications and file-sharing simpler to perform and easier to track. The platform contains Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint Online, Skype for Business, and Onedrive for Business. You can pick and choose, or all of these applications can work in tandem to bring your users closer together regardless of the distance between them. 

Industry-Leading Office Desktop Applications

No matter what the advances in modern technology are, there are always going to be essential desktop applications that stand the test of time. You’ve probably heard about desktop programs like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher. These are common applications, but there’s a reason they’ve endured as long as they have. These Microsoft Office tools continue to grow and change with the needs of a modern office space. ZenGroup can implement them in your workplace and ensure they all work well together with your other IT services.

Migrating to Office 365 Could Be Just the Beginning for Your IT Solutions

It doesn’t matter if you’re a member of our managed service plan. We can still design, plan, and execute your migration to Office 365. However, hiring ZenGroup as your ongoing managed service provider can offer substantial value over time. 

Once we’ve migrated your systems and lined up everything Office 365 has to offer, our team will still be there to address any issues and help you plan your IT future. ZenGroup can be your single point of contact for all your IT needs. Managing your migration project could be the first step in a long-term partnership with your business.

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