Our Managed Services Optimize Network Management in Kansas City

Take Advantage of the Full-Service Power of Our Managed IT

Tired of muddled technical support? Get excellent managed services and network management from a single point of contact with ZenGroup.

You Deserve the Best Computer Network Services in Kansas City, MO

We set up one of our two locations in Kansas City, MO, because we saw an opportunity to raise the professional level of their commercial network management. For many businesses, their network limitations and traditional IT resources hold them back. ZenGroup takes those resources and turns them into the building blocks for making your information technology work for you and not against you.

We’ll keep your system up and running with features like network security monitoring and our ZenCare IT security strategies, but the real value we deliver comes from the personal care we put into your IT solutions.

Our team works directly with your people to identify the particular needs of your organization. That is where part of our power comes from; we don’t just care about the details. We care about your details. We are brand independent—that means we’re loyal to what works for you first and finally. You can trust that when we recommend a network system or new piece of software, it will be geared to the specific requirements of your unique work environment.

Looking for Computer Server Maintenance In Kansas City?

Low performance and downtime in your workflow often stem from problems in your computer network services. Our engineers design and execute a network that is made to handle the exact elements of your daily operations. We take the unexpected into account and put measures in place to keep your operating systems up and running in the event of a disaster. We also install performance management services to monitor your network and keep an eye out for signs of intrusion or drops in performance.

We Offer an IT Support Service Desk in Kansas City You Can Count On

Professional remote support that you can depend on is crucial to the success of any modern business. We’re offering more than a computer repair service in Kansas City—ZenGroup provides a team of experts ready to assist your personnel. When you reach out to our service desk, we equip our service team with your detailed information and a record of the past work we’ve performed for you. This record enables us to react faster and take our service to another level. If you want an IT support service desk in Kansas City, you’ve found the provider you need.

Get first-rate managed services from industry experts.

You can count on our experience and our team’s extensive backgrounds in IT.

We Believe Every Business in Kansas City Deserves Excellent Technology Services

More than 10 years ago, ZenGroup Technology Solutions was founded by two former IT vice presidents. Our founders offered managed technology services for everything from small businesses to large corporations. They developed and built out a team of computer experts. Today, we have a comprehensive foundation of knowledge and backgrounds from all over the tech world. It is this diversity of knowledge that makes ZenGroup such a powerful investment for your company.

Our team is here to advise you on critical new projects, consult on a technology roadmap for your future, and improve your current tech processes. We can be your single point of contact for everything you need in IT.

We give you access to our full library of services and well-founded knowledge for less than what it would cost to pay the salary of a single IT employee with benefits. Our team supplies simple break/fix, long-term IT strategy planning, comprehensive security precautions, and much more, all with a customer-service oriented professional level of care.


The team at ZenGroup values your time and doesn’t expect your personnel to be high-level tech engineers. That’s why you hired us. Our IT services make it simple for you to run your business without worrying about your technology. There is no maze of plans or contact centers forcing you to waste your time. Experience the Zen Difference today. Reach out to us to learn more about our support model and how much we can do for your business.

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