Custom Application Development

We Can Fill in the Gaps in Your System Integration

Does your business need a custom application developed just for you? ZenGroup can deliver an application that’s built for your needs and offers all kinds of new opportunities for your business.  

What Does Custom Application Development Offer for Your Business?

We’ve included application development in our managed services because we’ve seen the value it has to offer firsthand. Have you ever seen your productivity sink because of the multiple systems your office uses not working together seamlessly? That’s where a custom software application can bring about long-term, positive change in your workplace.

These are not just new apps that offer exciting features; this software will get your systems to work together better than ever before. 

Application development is more than just recommending a certain piece of software for your business. Sometimes the program you’re looking for is already out there, and we have the knowledge to find those existing programs. However, when those apps don’t meet your needs, we design and develop a custom solution for your company.

Partner with ZenGroup to take advantage of our years of experience in customized development. We can bring our personal touch to finding or building the app your organization has been missing. 

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Application Integration

In many workplaces, we are forced to use multiple systems that weren’t designed to function cohesively. Our development team gets to know the needs of your business and the systems you need to integrate. From there, they use their knowledge and experience to search for an existing application that achieves your goals. If the perfect fit does not exist, they begin a development process to create a custom piece of software for your business.

Get your systems working together and talking to each other.

We specialize in integrating different systems to function together and work productively for your organization.

Custom Software Development Comes With More Features and Personal Care

The first step when you come to ZenGroup for application development is to see if there’s an existing program that already meets your needs. If one does not exist, we develop a custom piece of software for your business. This tailored process comes with the bonus of being made specifically for your operations and workflow. 

Thanks to the in-depth knowledge and experience of our team, we are equipped to offer many options you won’t get everywhere. We have the tools to provide mobile solutions that still interact with your office systems. We can even set up the software to run in multiple languages for your employees or customers. To learn more about what we have to offer in application development in Kansas City, MO or Philadelphia, PA, contact ZenGroup today.    

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