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ZenGroup helps small, mid-size and large businesses with a variety of IT services. So whether you just started a small business or have a large corporation with your own IT department, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to deliver cost-effective, long-term and custom solutions in the most efficient manner possible. To that end, we work in a variety of ways, including hourly, project-based or monthly plans.

IT Support

All our IT Support services begin with an extensive evaluation of your technology, relationships with vendors, challenges and expenses. After the evaluation, our IT experts create an IT management plan, ensuring your technology is secure, monitored and maintained. Our support includes the following areas:

  • User Support

    The most critical part of your business is your people. ZenGroup works directly with you and your employees to learn your needs and find the technology to fit you— not the other way around. ZenGroup will support your users directly utilizing a horizontal support model that allows them to immediately interact with a live, experienced tech 24/7/365.

  • Network Administration

    ZenGroup engineers design/build/support wired and wireless networks. Designed to be robust and secure, our networks minimize or eliminate costly downtime and protect against outside attacks. Additionally, our networks can connect multiple offices, allowing for fast and secure access by mobile users.

  • Server and Domain Administration

    ZenGroup engineers design/build/support server environments. Our support includes on-premise and cloud server environments for both Windows and Linux operating systems. We backup all data and keep your servers up to date and secure, giving you the peace of mind to focus on the most important thing…your business. Find out more about our related service, ZenCare.

  • Application Integration and Support

    Businesses today rely on a number of applications to run smoothly. Not only do these applications need to run at peak performance, but often need to “talk to” other applications. ZenGroup experts deploy, support and integrate business applications from Quickbooks to SAP and everything in between.

IT Project Management

ZenGroup can help your company maximize the results of a major technology initiative, ensuring your goals are met. We’ll start by developing a plan and then guide your organization through each stage.

Example projects include:

  • Cloud migration
  • New office build
  • Server and workstation upgrades
  • Application and Systems Integration
  • New software deployment
  • Wireless network deployment
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning


IT Compliance

With ever-changing rules and technology, it is becoming harder than ever to stay compliant. Nevertheless, it is critical to avoid costly data breaches and possible litigation. Our ZenGroup engineers are fully versed in all the latest regulations and technologies to bring you into compliance. However, it is not enough to just achieve compliancy.

After becoming compliant, ZenGroup helps you maintain a proactive stance to ensure you are always up-to-date. Starting with the most important piece, the users, ZenGroup develops security policies with you and delivers them in easy-to-understand documentation and training sessions. ZenGroup then deploys active monitoring systems to ensure your infrastructure is always at the forefront and never falls behind.

ZenGroup can help you with:



IT Audit

Concerned about your current infrastructure? Whether you are having daily issues, are wondering about your ability to handle future growth or are unsure what happens in the event of a disaster, ZenGroup has you covered. Our engineering team will do an in-depth analysis of your current systems and identify any present problems as well as potential problems (the biggest dangers are the ones you are not seeing). After the audit is complete, ZenGroup will present the detailed findings and recommended solutions in an in-person, interactive session with an accompanying report.

ZenGroup IT Audits cover any or all of the following areas, depending on your needs:

  • Security
  • Data protection
  • Disaster recovery/business continuity
  • Network performance
  • Infrastructure scalability
  • User experience
  • Internal IT processes
  • Vendor contracts

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Our all-encompassing approach to securing your company’s IT infrastructure, the ZenCare service provides anti-virus, cloud backup, remote monitoring, firewall management and more.

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Cloud Partners

Whether you’re migrating email and file server data for your five person company or 500 person enterprise, our team will migrate your critical data quickly and efficiently. You'll save time and improve your IT infrastructure's capabilities in the process.

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Who We Help

I’m a Small Business

If you’re a new or small business (one to 20 employees), we’ve got you covered with services specially designed for your smaller size.

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I’m a Mid-size Business

When you partner with ZenGroup, your mid-size business (20-100 employees) will be working with a personal analyst acting as your director of IT.

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I’m a Large Business

If you’re a large business (100+ employees) and already have an overworked internal IT department or are looking for a new service provider, we can help.

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