The Zen Difference


ZenGroup can help your company adapt to the ever-changing world of technology without the expense of having a full-time CIO or huge IT company on the payroll.

Long-Term, Custom Solutions

We understand IT, but we also understand the larger business picture and work to really know your company so we can deliver long-term, customized solutions.

Fast And Efficient

Forget the call trees and hold time; ZenGroup will put the most qualified people to work on your problems right away, saving you time and frustration.

Selecting an IT company can be both tedious and intimidating. We understand— we’ve been there. Our founders are former high-level executives, so we know the challenges of finding and selecting an IT partner firsthand. That’s why ZenGroup Technology Solutions is different, so much so that we call it “The Zen Difference.”

What is our difference? Rather than staff a call center full of low skilled technicians who will waste your time before sending you up the ladder in the hopes of one day getting you the answer you need we maintain a focused team of highly trained technical consultants who can deliver you the solutions you need when you need it. Right now. No call trees ever.

We don’t just focus on fixing the “What is broken”? but also determine “Why is the happening?” and “How can we make sure this stops happening?”. We will never put you through multiple tiers of service and expertise while your expense and frustration skyrocket. We strive to deliver cost-effective, long-term and custom solutions in the most efficient manner possible.

Leadership Team

Dominik Paille Managing Partner Kansas City, KS
Seth Copeland Managing Partner Philadelphia, PA
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Our Philosophy

Unlike other IT companies, we are technology-agnostic, meaning you get the right solution every time rather than a square peg in a round hole. Many companies start with their preferred technologies and force you to work around them. ZenGroup starts with the most important layer— you, the user, and your needs— and that drives all the technology decisions.

ZenGroup Managed IT Solutions Support

Our Support Model

Rather than a traditional vertical support model that starts you at “Tier 1” in a seemingly endless call tree, our support model is horizontal. You immediately interact with a live person and all our techs are experienced enough to handle most issues. If, for some reason, the tech cannot address your issue, you are sent directly to a subject matter expert. This model has proven to provide much quicker resolution times and increased satisfaction.